Whether you need In-House-Counsel for an hour, a day,

a week or year, we can help!

Does your company desperately require in-house counsel, but find the costs prohibitive? Does your company do business in other states regularly or from time to time? Are you looking for a network of local counsel who can be instructed and controlled by In-House-Counsel with special knowledge about your business? Do you already have In-House-Counsel who need support around the country in specialty areas? If so, you have come to the right place!

When you choose In-House-Counsel, one lawyer gets you access to a network of independent local counsel who can react and respond more quickly, efficiently and competently than even a full time lawyer.  When you choose to use In-House-Counsel, you will find professional, efficient and economic solutions to your commercial legal requirements, whether they be on a daily basis, nation wide, or only a few times a year in a few States.

In-House-Counsel's centralized support system for billing, contact and lightning fast response are designed to meet your company’s particular needs, and are only a phone call away.

Once you have established the relationship, approved the system and billing, your company will have more confidence working in many jurisdictions with the knowledge that it is supported by licensed attorneys in every jurisdiction where a problem or routine matter requiring counsel may arise.

No longer will your office need to contact counsel in different States for all of its legal matters; no longer will you become frustrated with the inability to obtain an immediate response and direction from your legal representation, In-House-Counsel is the legal solution we have all been waiting for.

Call In-House-Counsel today!

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